Misc: BtB bleg; “Under Ancient Skies” cosmic tribute; Space music from Angèlia Grace & Karliene

Bob Zimmerman points me to a fund-raiser this week: Quick November Fund-Raiser for Behind the Black.

Bob does frequent postings in which he discusses images of the amazingly diverse Martian surface such as:  Terraced mesa inside Martian depression“[The image] shows a very puzzling terraced mesa inside an enclosed depression or sinkhole (the western half of which can be seen in the full image).

Today he posted this item about the Curiosity rover’s latest activities: Rover update: Curiosity on the move again

And here is his report on the asteroid Apophis, which will pass close to earth in 2029: Apophis: the asteroid that may someday hit the Earth – Behind the Black


Here’s an audio narrative/musical tribute to the cosmos created by a

collaboration between the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum and Grammy Award-winning musician and producer Diplo, with words by the museum, music from Diplo’s album MMXX, and narration by Hrishikesh Hirway. As a companion album to MMXX, Under Ancient Skies expands on the theme of our connection with nature to explore our human experience in the cosmos around the globe and throughout history, from the ancient world to contemporary understandings of the universe.


“Angelic Soprano” Angèlia Grace renders a beautiful vocal interpretation of a selection of the Hans Zimmer soundtrack to the film, Interstellar [Amazon commission link]:


Karliene sings a space Christmas song titled, A Spaceman Came Travelling by Chris de Burgh

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