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Heddels and P.F. Flyers create the Mercury All-American space sneakers

Heddels clothing guide has collaborated with the P.F. Flyers athletic shoe company to create a limited edition shoe inspired by the sneakers and the space suits worn by the Mercury astronauts in the early Space Age. The story of the connection of P.F. Flyers to the Mercury program and how the new shoes came about is told by Heddels’ David Shuck in Heddels CO-OP 3: The PF Flyers Mercury All-American

The concept was to make a shoe that was a microcosm of Project Mercury itself, incorporating as many materials and designs from the original program as possible. Mercury was NASA’s first attempt at putting a person into space, so everything they created was wholly original. It was also the late 1950s, where the boom of industrial technology development in World War II continued to advance at a breakneck pace. As a result, many of the artifacts from Mercury are crude customizations made from totally new materials.

“Space age” often evokes images of sleek minimalistic designs, Mercury, however, was anything but that. The suits themselves have an enormous amount of handwork and “aftermarket” customization (think more Star Wars than Star Trek). As astronauts and scientists discovered problems with their designs, they often built over them, rather than start from scratch.

See also Shiny space shoes: ‘Mercury All American’ sneakers styled after astronaut footwear | collectSPACE.


Kickstarter: Commemorative pin for Apollo 11 to hold lunar meteorite “moon dust”

Check out the Kickstarter for The World’s First Enamel Pin Made With Authentic MOON DUST by B. Smith & Co

Our vision for “Projects of Earth” is to develop an affordable high quality commemorative enamel pin and handcrafted meteorite pen set featuring authentic moon dust, celebrating the upcoming 50th anniversary of mankind’s greatest technological achievement: putting a man on the moon.

This soft enamel pin will be made using only the highest quality components available. No cheap zinc alloys, imitation platings, or butterfly clutches… Our production samples are just in and they are absolutely beautiful!

Style: Soft enamel lapel pin 

Size: 1.5″ x 1.25″ (38 mm x 35 mm) 

Material: Die struck solid brass, Nickel plating in Gold or Silver 

Enamel: 8 pantone colors, hand painted 

Back side: Die struck texture with deluxe brass clutch 

Weight: approximately 0.5 oz. 

Optional upgrade: Moon Dust, including display box and etched stainless steel certificate of authenticity card

B.Smith & CO. previously developed The METEORITE Pen.

The Moon dust comes via a meteorite identified as originating on the Moon:

Both the pin and the pen have optional MOON DUST upgrades, making them among the most unique and special items you will ever own. 

Our moon dust comes from the legendary Lunar Meteorite Northwest Africa (NWA) 5000. NWA 5000 was discovered in Southern Morocco in 2007 and with a near perfect 24.8 out of 25 rating it is, to date, the largest and finest lunar highlands specimen in existence. We’ve acquired our supply directly from NWA 5000’s original owner and it is of course guaranteed 100% authentic. Lunar meteorite is considered to be one of the rarest materials in the entire world, far more rare than gold, platinum, or diamond.

This ultra-fine “moon dust” was produced as the main mass of the meteorite was sliced using a special sterilized diamond blade saw, preventing the introduction of any terrestrial contaminants. It is in fact so pure that this exact dust is used by Washington University in St. Louis as their laboratory calibration sample. 

‘The Year in Space Calendars’ for 2016

As the Christmas shopping season opens, here is my annual advice: Include The Year In Space calendars in your gift list. The calendars are published in co-operation with the Planetary Society and contain a marvelous selection of astronomy and space exploration images.

2016C_calendar_images_1333x1000The wall calendar includes great space images and lots of info about
astronomy, space science and exploration.

My wife has used her spiral-bound Year-in-Space desk calendar book for many years:

Virtual-Calendar_2_2223x2489The Desk calendar both looks great and is useful
for keeping appointments.

It includes:

  • 53 full-page weekly calendars
  • 16 half-page monthly calendars
  • 2 full-year planning calendars
  • 1 four-year long-range calendar
  • Daily Moon-phase calendars

And  it is nicely made:

  • 6″ x 9″ closed, 9″ x 12″ open
  • 136 pages, spiral bound
  • Art-quality matte finish paper (easy to write on)
  • 53 full-page full-color glossy space images
  • 4 pages for personal directory
  • 4 blank note pages

Order your Year in Space Calendars today online:


Note that a new membership in the Planetary Society is offered at a discount for those buying a calendar.

Constellation Supply Co. brings space themes to its ceramic products

Evan Dohrmann is a ceramics expert, an astronomy buff, and founder of the new startup Constellation Supply Co. He contacted me about his company’s first product: The Little Dripper Coffee Brewer, whose launch is backed by a successful Kickstarter soon to end.

The pledge rewards include a badge “inspired by the mission patches worn by intrepid space explorers” –


– and a limited edition glow in the dark star chart constellation star chart –


Evan describes the poster to me as follows:

1. Innovative Design – The poster is inspired by the works of astrophysicist Donald H. Menzel and author H.A. Rey, and is designed and printed in the U.S.A. (Portland, Oregon).
2. Glow In the Dark – A glow in the dark poster is appealing to kids and adults alike.
3. Celebrate Science and Astronomy – Constellation Supply Co. is a ceramics business first and foremost, however we’ve chosen to celebrate our love of astronomy in everything we do. We believe this is something your followers will appreciate.

Nice to see Evan finding ways to combine his ceramics business with his interest in space and astronomy.


2015 Year in Space calendars

Continuing my Christmas shopping advice tradition, I’m again recommending that readers consider The Year In Space Desk Calendar and Year In Space Wall Calendar as gifts for  others and as well as for yourselves. My wife has used the space desk calendar for years and years and I always have the wall calendar on my studio wall.


The calendars are published in co-operation with the Planetary Society and contain a profusion of wonderful space related images. Get a big discount on a new membership to the Planetary Society when buying a calendar.


There is also a free Year In Space  Online Calendar.