Panspermia – connecting life on Earth and Mars

Fraser Cain discusses panspermia  : Is Life On Mars Related To Life On Earth? – Universe Today

The planet is hostile to life now, but evidence is mounting that it was once a warm and habitable world, with rivers, lakes and oceans. Mars could have vast reserves of subsurface water, where life could thrive even now.

If we did discover life there, it’s possible that it’s completely unrelated to Earth life. This would demonstrate that life can originate on almost any world, with the right conditions.

It’s also possible that life on Mars is related to Earth, and our two planets share a common ancestor billions of years in the past.

This is a theory called panspermia.

NASA video: Research in space from Skylab to Station

A NASA video about scientific research and human spaceflight

Skylab was America’s first space station, taking scientific research to new heights and proving humankind could live and work in space for long periods of time. Skylab set the stage for the work conducted today on the International Space Station, where scientists use more advanced technology, a foundation of knowledge and more time to conduct experiments in space, free from Earth’s gravity. This work can be applied to benefit humankind both on Earth and in space, as we prepare to explore deeper into our solar system.

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Blueprint posters of famous space hardware

The firm Artifactory Replicas –  From the Ground Up – makes and sells reproductions of NASA blueprints taken from source materials in the public domain.  They call them Aero Art Prints.   The “digitally enhanced prints eliminate water stains, wrinkles, and tears, resulting in a pristine work of art”.

For example, they offer a 18” H x 12” W poster of a Saturn V F-1 engine blueprint:

Saturn V F-1 Engine blueprint

There is a 18” H x 32” W poster of a Lunar Excursion Module (LEM) Component Layout Blueprint:

Lunar Excursion Module (LEM) Component Layout Blueprint

Other posters include: