The Sun & Space Weather

This page provides an array of real-time images and data for the sun and solar wind. There are also lots of links to additional solar and space weather resources. See the Aurora & Meteors page for real-time info on the Northern and Southern Lights, which are directly influenced by solar activity.


Solar activity monitor

Solar X-rays:   Geomagnetic Field:   




Views of the Sun:

Phoebe Waterman Haas Public Observatory
Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream


Solar Wind:

Current Geo-Magnetic Storm Conditions
Berkeley SPRGDst Index

ACE solar wind dataACE Real-Time Solar Wind Data


Sunspots and the solar cycle

SILSO: Daily and monthly sunspot number (last 13 years)
Daily and monthly sunspot number (last 13 years). Credits: SILSO graphics, Royal Observatory of Belgium




Here is my older more traditional style viewer of real time solar and space weather data:

Space Weather Viewer
Sun & Space Weather
Sun, solar wind, aurora images and data.

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