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Video: ISS crew goes ape

Astronaut Mark Kelly noticed a new visitor to the Int. Space Station:

More about the simian space explorer: Why Is A Gorilla Aboard The Space Station? – Popular Science.

Taking pie where no pie has gone before

High school freshman Mike Alex Hoppe feels compelled to fly a pie on a high altitude balloon. His π1 project is apparently inspired by the otherworldly taste of a great pie and also by this project: FPV to Space and back – RC Explorer.

Alex has a Kickstarter if you want to kick in on his dessert adventure :  Pie In Space! by Alex Hoppe — Kickstarter

Why the pie?

I don’t know!  Really, I’ve just always had this thing for pie: Pumpkin, Apple, Chocolate.  I love them all. 😛  When I was designing this project I thought to myself, “How can I make my project different from all the other weather balloon projects?”  Then it hit me, “PIE!  No one has sent pie into space before!”

And that is why there will be pie in space!