Knoxville students sending experiment to the Int. Space Station

While in Knoxville recently I came upon this article in the local newspaper about a student group whose experiment on waste disposal in microgravity will go to the International Space Station (ISS) this fall : The final frontier: Local students come up big in space competition – News Sentinel Story

An Orb-3 space vehicle carrying the experimental materials is scheduled to launch from Wallops Island, Va., on Oct. 21, and the L&N team might get to travel up there to watch it, school officials said.

When the astronauts begin the experiment once the materials have been transported to the International Space Station, the L&N team will do a similar experiment with a similar tube here for comparison later, Hawkins added.

Here Orb-3 refers to the third cargo delivery flight to the ISS that will be carried out by Orbital Sciences with the Antares rocket and Cygnus cargo module. As the launch date approaches, the latest info will be available on the Orbital Sciences Mission Updates page.