HI-SEAS space habitat simulation in Hawaii + Things to do now to build a space colony

On Monday’s episode of The Space Show, Dr. Kim Binsted and Simon Engler of the University of Hawaii discussed the Hawaiian Space Exploration Analog and Simulation (HI-SEAS) project : Dr. Kim Binsted, Simon Engler-HI-SEAS-Monday, 9-8-14 – Thespaceshow’s Blog

Dr. Binsted and Simon introduced us to the HI-SEAS project, described its ideal location in Hawaii, and the physical site itself.  Simon was on the first mission which was a four month simulation.  He described the simulation, his experiences and perspectives throughout our discussion.  Kim also described her FMARS at Devon Island experiences in this segment.  We learned that for the HI-SEAS projects, the first focus was on food and the food system which they explained in detail.   Crew dynamics were discussed  plus our guests took us through the crew screening process.  Also talked about were crew issues, conflict resolution and crew leadership.   I asked about the relevance of analog research to a real Mars mission then our guests brought up the need to retire risks, especially team risks. 

Listen to the program here:


Speaking of living in space, here is a discussion of  the feasibility of space colonies with today’s technologies : 8 Things We Can Do Now to Build a Space Colony This Century