Mars Curiosity rover as seen from orbit

Emily Lakdawalla at the Planetary Society processed imagery from ESA’s Mars Express orbiter and NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter to produce an amazingly sharp color image of the Curiosity rover and its tracks : New orbital images of Curiosity landing site from Mars Express and HiRISE – The Planetary Society

20140522_ESP_035917_1755_colorized-with_ESP_018854_1755_f840-EmilyLakdawallaHiRISE photo of Curiosity at the Kimberley – March 26, 2014.
Credits: NASA / JPL / UA / Emily Lakdawalla
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20140523_color_coverage_curiosity_field_site_20140523_f537_EmilyLakdawallaA map showing the route of Curiosity so far
and where it is going.
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