Stephen Murphey of DIY Rocket Science on The Space Show + Citizen science workshop in Taiwan

Stephen Murphey of DIY Rocket Science was on The Space Show last week to talk about a number of topics related to public participation in space such as building cubesats and pocketqube sats, open source hardware, crowdfunding, 3D printing, high-altitude ballooning, and more : Stephen Murphy, Friday, 2-28-14 – Thespaceshow’s Blog


The Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics at Academia Sinica (ASIAA)  of Taiwan and Zooniverse are holding a workshop this week in Taipai: Workshop on Citizen Science in Astronomy – Zooniverse.

The goal for the event is to

bring together for a week  computer scientists, machine learning experts, and the scientists from astronomy and planetary science based citizen science projects with the goal of taking the first steps towards addressing the critical questions and issues that citizen science will need to solve in order to cope with the petabtye data deluge from the the next generation observatories and space missions like the Square Kilometer Array (SKA) and the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST).