Alan Stern & Mystery Guest discuss Uwingu/Mars crater naming on The Space Show today

Dr. Alan Stern and a “mystery guest” will discuss Uwingu and their Mars Crater Naming campaign on The Space Show today:

Dr. Alan Stern on Uwingu with /mystery guest today, 12 pm PST; 3 pm EST, . Call us @ 1-866-687-7223

A magazine names a crater: Newsweek Names a Mars Crater – Newsweek. No, the IAU  does not “control” the names of celestial bodies. They are one group proffering names for celestial bodies. If other people use and recognize a name for a celestial body or feature, then that is the name for that body or feature for those people regardless of what the IAU names it. The IAU cannot force anyone to use the name in their database.

More info in the earlier posting here: Name a Mars Crater at Uwingu.