Chang’e 3 panorama of lunar surface

A panoramic image of the lunar surface taken by the Chang’e 3 lander has been released on the China News website. Chang’e 3 Panorama – China News

Chang’e 3 panorama

Here is the Google translation of the caption:

January 17, China’s National Defense Science and Technology Industrial Development Bureau released image map Chang E III lunar lander photographed. Pictured December 17, 2013 to 18, Chang E on the 3rd lander terrain surrounding the lander camera range of 360 ° panorama mosaic image map, using a cylindrical projection expression. China news

They provide slices at greater resolution. For example, this slice shows the Yutu rover:

A slice of the panorama showing the Yutu rover


Update: There is also a new time-lapse panorama : China’s Yutu rover trundles across the Moon in Time-lapse Panorama – Universe Today.