Video: NASA Morpheus rocket vehicle’s latest free flight

NASA’s Project Morpheus flew yet again their Armadillo Aerospace quad-style vertical takeoff and landing rocket vehicle today at Kennedy Space Center. This was 4th free flight of the “Bravo” vehicle, which 

reached 93m (305ft) altitude, then traversed 109m (358ft) in 25 seconds before landing in the Hazard Field. Bravo flew its pre-planned trajectory flawlessly, reaching a max ascent velocity of 11.4 m/s (25.5 mph), and landing within 0.38m (15″) from its intended target 64 seconds after launch. Landing was obscured by dust, as expected, due to the Shuttle crawler-way fines covering the landing pad, but telemetry data indicated the landing and engine shutdown were nominal. The Morpheus Team again demonstrated engineering and operational excellence, relying upon training, experience and discipline to ensure a successful flight test.