“I Want to be an Astronaut” – a film documentary

Filmmaker David Ruck has created a documentary titled, I Want To Be An Astronaut – “The dream of one boy. The fate of one nation. A documentary about our future in space

“I Want To Be An Astronaut” is a documentary about a young man who has aspired to be an astronaut since he was 3 and the path he now faces to become one. Aside from being a film, we hope to carry a message of inspiration to young people across America by igniting imaginations and fostering the next generation of explorers. While we are not affiliated with NASA or any other organization, we believe in the power of the space program to inspire and engage students. It is by focusing on the raw power of space exploration that we aim to educate young people and give em a little kick in the butt to move ahead with their dreams and work hard to be our next generation of heroes – whatever avenue they pursue. “I Want To Be An Astronaut asks–and attempts to answer– imperative issues through interviews with leading space experts as well as exclusive footage of the country’s space centers. Above all, though, the compelling film generates a dialogue not simply about science, but the future of our nation.

According to this update on their Indiegogo site, they are finishing up the documentary and it is being submitted to film festivals for this year.

Here is a trailer:

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