Space Pioneer – A game created by real world astronauts, scientists & architects.

A Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign opened today for the game Space Pioneer, which was created by a team that includes three cosmonauts:  Space Pioneer by Space Enigma Studios — Kickstarter

Our team consists of world famous astronauts, engineers, designers, programmers, artists and architects who allow us to construct a game that will be the most accurate virtual representation of our universe to date. Space Pioneer aims to be a game that is uncompromisingly entertaining and educational. Our game chiefly focuses on interstellar exploration; it is based on images and resources from the Hubble telescope, ESA/NASA, and numerous well known observatories. The player will be able to pilot a fully customizable spaceship into the vast regions of our universe and can colonize other planets beyond our solar system. In addition, he or she can research different scientifically accurate theories to upgrade their spaceship, build vast space stations and terra-form inhospitable planets.

The project is described in this video: