The Year in Space – desk and wall calendars

With the starting gun about to fire for Christmas gift shopping, here are a couple of suggestions. As I’ve come to do every year, I’m endorsing The Year In Space Desk Calendar and Year In Space Wall Calendar. My wife has used here space desk calendar for years and years and I have the wall calendar in my studio.


The Desk Calendar contains

  • 53 full-page weekly calendars
  • 16 half-page monthly calendars
  • 2 full-year planning calendars
  • 1 four-year long-range calendar
  • Daily Moon-phase calendars

The  Wall Calendar is a joint project with the Planetary Society. Each month displays a big array of beautiful images and contains lots of interesting information on a wide array of space topics.



The Year In Space Wall Calendar was named “Science Geek Gift of the Year” by MSNBC’s Cosmic Log website.