Searching for a big rocket relic

A Project Designer at Quezada Architecture is looking for a large non-working rocket component. She is

working on a commercial interiors project in Redwood City, California. We are designing the corporate lobby of Rocketfuel‘€™s main building, and are looking for a piece of a rocket (or something along those lines) to act as a centerpiece for the lobby entrance. The lobby is a 2 story volume and so it could probably reach 12[ft]€™ high and 6-8[ft]™ diameter at max. Budget for this project is negotiable but this is the centerpiece of the company’s headquarters so we are serious about getting something that works for us. We were thinking something along the lines of a sounding rocket, but are open to anything along the lines of a rocket shell/engine/nose that you would be able to find.

(Via Aleta Jackson of XCOR.) If you have such a part or know where one might be available, let me know here and I will pass the info along.