Horizons reproduction of Colliers Magazine space series – issues 5 & 6

As I posted back in February and March , the Horizons Newsletter of  the AIAA Houston Section has been publishing full reproductions of all eight issues that Colliers magazine published between March 1952 and April 1954 with articles on space. The writers included Wernher von Braun, Willy Ley and other space notables of the time. The wonderful illustrations were created by Chesley Bonestell, Fred Freeman and Rolf Klep. The covers of the space issues are shown here:

Colliers space issues
(In addition to the team at Horizons, the project includes Scott Lowther.)
Since my posts, Horizons has released reproductions of the fifth and sixth Colliers sets of space articles.
  • 5th Colliers space issue:
    • March/April 2013 Issue (74 pages) (PDF: low resolution, 18.5MB; high resolution, 53.5MB) Volume 38, Number 5
    • Includes an account (pdf) by one of the Horizon’s team of his interaction with Robert Heinlein in 1957
  • 6th Colliers space issue:
    • May/June 2013 issue (PDF, 17 MB, 56 pages):  low resolution version (PDF, 7.5 MB, 56 pages). Volume 38, Number 6. (High res version not yet available.)


Ron Miller has an article with lots of great graphics about the spaceflight plan laid out in the Colliers series: The Great 1952 Space Program That Almost Was – io9.com.