Darwin One – crowdsourcing space exploration + Update on Arkyd Kickstarter

Here’s a proposal to crowd source a space science mission has been posted on the Will This Fly?, site where people can comment and vote on the viability of projects: Darwin One: A Crowdsourced Space Mission ~ Will This Fly?

Darwin One is a proposed project to develop a space mission without government funding or assistance. Its goal is to generate interest in the idea, develop a mission in public, raise funding and then successfully launch.

It is loosely based on the failed Beagle 2 mission that developed a low-cost probe destined for Mars. While a failure the model was a good one and, with better oversight, a worthy starting point.

It is international in nature; anyone can become involved.

What problem does it solve?

Space exploration is currently in the hands of governments, and as a result is often slow, bureaucratic and subject to the whim of politicians.

In the 21st century there are more direct ways to fund space missions, although it is difficult for enthusiasts to find somewhere to focus their attention, especially for an international project.


Meanwhile, the growth of the Planetary Resources crowd-sourced ARKYD A Space Telescope campaign totals have slowed but they are making a big effort to speed them up again: Planetary Resources offers a stretch goal to reinvigorate its crowdfunding campaign – NewSpace Journal.