Videos: A SpaceX overview + Starship reports

Here is a sampling of videos about SpaceX and the Starship project.

** Public presentations about SpaceX are usually provided by Elon Musk or Gwynne Shotwell. However, here is an excellent overview of the company given by Kiko Dontchev, Vice President of Launch, at the Summit At Sea event last May.

Curious how SpaceX went from 13 launches in 2019 to pacing for 100 in 2023? As VP of Launch at SpaceX, Kiko Dontchev goes into work every day with the simple goal of making space travel as accessible as air travel, and he is well on his way. In this talk, Kiko will dive into SpaceX’s exponential growth approach, Elon’s problem-solving algorithm, and becoming the most prolific launcher of all time.

** Several new media sources have risen in the past couple of years that report extensively on SpaceX Starship related activities. A sampling of these include:

Here, for example, are three reports on recent Starship developments:

** The design, development, and commercial potential of Starship are presented in the SpaceX Starship report, for which I was the primary author. Initially published by NewSpace Global in March 2023, we updated it in May to include coverage of the first flight test.


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