Space arts roundup – Aug.14.2023

This Space arts roundup offers a selection of news and resources from the intersection of space and the arts.

**  Ax-2 Mission | John Shoffner announced International Space Art Content winners from the ISS – Axiom Space

Axiom Space is guided by the vision of a thriving home in space that benefits every human, everywhere. The leader in providing space infrastructure as a service, Axiom offers end-to-end missions to the International Space Station today while privately developing its successor – a permanent commercial destination in Earth’s orbit that will sustain human growth off the planet and bring untold benefits back home. More information about Axiom can be found at

See also the gallery of submissions to the Space Art Contest for the Axiom mission.

** Moon Gallery is an

international collaborative artwork and a gallery of ideas worth sending to the Moon. Moon Gallery aims to set up the first permanent museum on the Moon. Moon Gallery will launch 100 artefacts to the Moon within the compact format of 10 x 10 x 1cm plate on a lunar lander exterior panelling as early as 2025. In this Petri-dish-like gallery, we are developing a culture for future interplanetary society. What are the ideas we want to promote into the future? What are the ideas we want to leave behind?

A collection of art pieces were sent to the ISS in February 2022 on the NG-17 mission of the Northrop-Grumman Cygnus cargo spacecraft. For this test mission, the gallery grid featured

 … 8×8 cells housing 64 physical artefacts and one engraved AR artwork. Sixty-five art projects featured in the gallery reached the final frontier of human habitation and marked the historical meeting point of the Moon Gallery and the cosmos. Reaching low Earth orbit on our way to the Moon is the first step in extending our cultural dialogue to space.

Check out an image at Instagram of the housing floating on the ISS.

See the gallery of diverse artwork for the Moon mission. More info at their LinkTree page.

** A profile of Don Davis in the final episode of the Artist Depiction film series about noted space artists:

** A European Ariane 5 rocket launched last April  with a student’s artwork  on the noseconeAriane 5 rocket decorated with winning Juice artwork – ESA

ESA’s Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer (Juice) will launch in April on an Ariane 5 rocket. The nosecone faring has been decorated with the winning artwork in the JUICE Up Your Rocket!’ competition. The artwork came from 9-year-old Yaryna.

Here is a video about the “JUICE Up Your Rocket!” art project:

The Jupiter Icy moons Explorer (Juice) is an ESA planetary exploration mission currently under construction, development and testing at different sites across Europe. This is the seventh episode of a series, in which we take the viewer behind the scenes of the European space industry, space technology and planetary science community around the Juice mission.

In this Episode Manuela Baroni, head of the Juice Project Control Section, presents the idea and results of the ‘JUICE Up Your Rocket!’ competition, which invited children from all over the world to create a work of art related to the mission. The winning artwork will be placed on the nose (fairing) of the rocket that will launch Juice into space!

This episode is part of a film project that will result in a one-hour documentary film to be released before the launch of Juice. Produced for ESA by Lightcurve Films. Original music by William Zeitler. Animations by Rafael Andres (ESA).

** The STAR SPHERE | Space Inspiration Project is a Sony sponsored project to support creativity inspired by space.  The Art from Space Perspectives

… is not limited to creating works such as photographs, videos, movies, and media art from images and footage taken by the space camera.

We will work on various creative activities with many people, including artists and creators, by offering new inspiration from experiences connecting with space through operation of our satellite and content that brings users various forms of “Space perspectives.”

It will have the possibility to bring about inspiration in creativity in all kinds of domains, from creations such as artworks including paintings and sculptures, design in fashion and architecture, animation, games, narratives, and poetry to expressions and performances such as music, theater, and dance. STAR SPHERE will unleash space for artists and creators with the latest technology and entertainment that imparts fresh meanings of space.

Here is a profile of Hiroshi Sugimoto, the first partner in this initiative: Inspiring Space Experiences × Hiroshi Sugimoto

** Boldly Going: Planet and The Roddenberry Foundation Collaboration Planet Labs

The company Planet Labs has built, launched, and operated hundreds of small satellites in orbit that provide near continuous high resolution images of the entire surface of the Earth. On January of 2022, three dozen Planet satellites were taken into orbit on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. The side panels of ten of the satellites were engraved with artwork and quotes selected from submissions from over 1000 fans of Star Trek and Gene Roddenberry.

A Planet SuperDove with the Boldly Go Campaign artwork laser etched onto its side panels. Credit: Planet Labs PBC

Here is a video from Planet about The Boldly Go Campaign:

We recently launched 36 Planet SuperDove satellites with SpaceX, with a select number of these satellites featuring Star Trek inspired quotes as a part of Planet and Roddenberry Foundation’s shared commitment to make the world a more sustainable and secure place. The Roddenberry Foundation’s Rod Roddenberry, son of Star Trek Creator’s Gene Roddenberry, gets the scoop from our very own VP of Launch Mike Safyan on how sats are reaching the final frontier…of making the world a better place. Watch now!

** Sci-Fi Short Documentary “Artist Depiction by Steve R. Dodd” | DUST

Working at home in Tennessee with no internet or computer, Steve R. Dodd has created hundreds of beautiful ‘spacescapes’ visions of a positive future. Now 69 years old, this is his first on camera interview.

“Artist Depiction by Steve R. Dodd” directed by Brett Ryan Bonowicz

Connect with the Filmmaker:

** An interview with artist James Vaughan: NSS Space Forum – From Fashion to Space: An Artist’s Adventures, A Conversation with James Vaughan – Youtube. This video presents a conversation with

… James Vaughan, aerospace illustrator and primary cover artist for Ad Astra magazine. Ad Astra Editor-in-Chief Rod Pyle sits down to talk with Jim about his stunning work in illustrating the future of spaceflight, his career in Chicago’s advertising and fashion industries, and what makes some of his landmark works stand out in a crowded field–and why everyone from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center to Lockheed Martin, to the NSS have engaged him to communicate their vision. Enjoy this informative and fun space forum with one of the most prominent space artists of today.

** Lunar lander to include artist’s engraving

The artist Sacha Jafri has placed an engraving on Astrobotic‘s Peregrine lunar lander, which will be launched to the Moon on the first flight of the ULA Vulcan rocket. The UK company Spacebit worked with Jafri on the installation of the artwork on the lander.

** Winning entries in the 2023 Commercial Crew Program Children’s Artwork contest can be seen here. Here’s more info on the

Don’t see any word yet on whether there will be a 2024 contest

** The Earthling Project‘s  Art gallery has a large selection of space inspired artworks submitted by earthlings from all over the globe.


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