Space music roundup – Feb.22.2023

Here are some space music related items:

** Julia Westlin and David MeShow do a nice acapella cover of TALK’s Run Away To Mars (Listen to the TALK version in the previous Space Music posting):

**Space Song (Lyrics)Beach HouseVibe Music – YouTube

** An anthology of lyrics to Filk songs has been created by Chris Weber and is available as an e-Book, in paperback, and in hardback at  Sentient Chili and Stranger Filk: Lyrics to 107 Songs of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Fandom eBook : Weber, Chris: Kindle Store/Amazon [commission link].

** Hole in Space — the mother of all video chats – CIS 471: A story about early satellite-enabled global music and art events:

New technology enables new art forms and artists Kit Galloway and Sherrie Rabinowitz (K&S) began working with geostationary satellite links in 1977. Their first work was an experiment in remote dance and music. Video of dancers at The Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland and an educational television center in California was transmitted to a central control studio where a composite was formed and sent back to monitors the dancers could see. 

See also:

* SETI Live: The Earthling Project – Songs for Outer SpaceSETI Institute on YouTube

Join SETI Institute’s Artist-in-Residence, Felipe Pérez Santiago, as he discusses the ambitious Earthling Project. Launched in 2020, the project collects songs from people around the world to create musical compositions representing humanity. These compositions will be sent into space with the help of the Arch Mission Foundation, a nonprofit preserving human knowledge for future generations. Tune in to hear from Santiago and SETI AIR Director Bettina Forget, and listen to the world sing in harmony on the Earthling Project – Songs for Outer Space.

** Download the Earthling Project app and use it to

[r]ecord your voice singing about your culture and traditions, your geographic context, your personal history, everything that makes you human.

** The Earthling Project – TrailerThe Earthling Project on Youtube

It’s time to make history! One voice that will unite all cultures: Earthling Project.. This historic legacy awaits, let’s be the musical representation of humanity at this point in history.

** Space Oddity (David Bowie Cover) – Puddles Pity Party

** Saturn, The Bringer of Old AgeTomita

Gustav Holst’s “The Planets” Movement 2: Venus, The Bringer of Peace, electronically performed by Isao Tomita, ©1976, RCA Records, New York, NY. Produced by Plasma Music, Inc.

** Patrolling Space Borders (Full CD)Tangerine Dream

Also known as Tangerine Dream – Laserium North American Tour March 29th – April 1977 / Montreal – Place Des Arts – 09/04/1977 Original Canadian CHOM-FM Recording. Unofficial Release

** Science Of Sleeping, Spacecraft – Moons of Jupiter [Album] (2022) – WherePostRockDwells – YouTube


Genre: Ambient, Cinematic
Artists: Science of Sleeping & Spacecraft
Album: Moons of Jupiter (December 9, 2022)
Label: Valley View Records (

** Talking To The Moon (Lyrics) – Bruno Mars – Vibe Music – YouTube

** Interstellar (Royal Albert Hall Organ) – Hans Zimmer – Ashton Gleckman

Composed by Hans Zimmer
MIDI Programmed and Arranged by Ashton Gleckman

All organ sounds from the new Royal Albert Hall Organ library, recorded at the historic hall in London by James Everingham. Available now:

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