Space music roundup – Nov.18.2022

Some space music for your weekend enjoyment:

** Globe  Typho

Typho is an up-and-coming Hip hop/ Indie-Folk Songwriter from Leeds, UK. He brings a sui generis blend of creativity and musicianship to every project he undertakes, scribbling lyrics that are idiosyncratic and charismatic in nature. With a passion for telling stories through song and animation, he composes music that is an honest reflection of himself and how he sees the world, His song “4AM” was featured on BBC introducing, a radio station for upcoming artists, in 2018.

His latest single, “Globe,” is an innovative and fresh alternative hip-hop song that talks about the realities and mysteries of life – folded in the subtlety of words. The lyrics are drenched in mood-befitting background music that is catchy and melodic. His previous single, “Cave Paintings,” is a fast-tempo and up-beat track with heavy electronic drums and pulsing synthesizers. The instruments have a dark and dramatic sound, and the song contains strong influences from the Chillwave genre. It speaks about the human spirit and our temporary nature on this planet. Typho is committed to creating a connection with his listeners, reaching new audiences and sharing his music with the world. 


** Hans Zimmer – Interstellar (Royal Albert Hall Organ)

** Hewan Aman – OUT OF SPACE  (Our niece Hewan is a rising DJ star in France ):

** Space Tourist · Bart van Wissen

** AstroPilot, Spacecraft – Possible WorldsWherePostRockDwells – YouTube