Video: Update on graphene development and applications

While it probably exaggerates its near-term importance to tell 2022 graduates that “The future is graphene” (as The Graduate, Benjamin Braddock, was told in the 60s about plastics) , the future is nevertheless very bright for applications of the amazing one-atom-thick material. Here is an update on developments with graphene via an interview with Adrian Nixon, Editor in Chief of Nixene Publishing at Ex Terra – The Journal of Space Commerce:

On this edition of The Ex Terra Podcast, we return to the topic of Graphene with Adrian Nixon, Editor in Chief of Nixene Publishing. The Nixene Journal is a publishing company specializing in Graphene and other 2D materials based in Manchester, United Kingdom. We publish the Nixene Journal, a monthly analysis of developments in the fast-moving business and technology world of graphene in “plain English” for global decision makers and investors. Adrian Nixon began his career as a chemist, and took a somewhat circuitous path to publishing. As a scientist, his knowledge of graphene is extensive, and he is well versed in the potential applications for the material in space commerce, as well as here on Earth.

Nixene Publishing produces the monthly Nixene Journal, which provides busy decision makers with up-to-date knowledge and information, as well as Special Editions tailored to a specific topic. They are ideal as corporate reports or industry events. Both print and digital versions are available, and a subscription is not required. The company also produces a video series focused on graphene, holds webinars and workshops, and provides consulting services.

Adrian is a member of the International Space Elevator Consortium Board, and a Strategic Advisory Board member of StellarModal, the space transportation association. On this edition of the podcast, Adrian and host Tom Patton talk about the many uses of graphene, how it came to be discovered, it’s chemical makeup (Adrian is a chemist, after all), and a couple of the more Earthly uses for the substance.

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