ISDC 2013 call for papers

The National Space Society‘s annual conference  is happening in just a few months: ISDC 2013. May 23 – 27, 2013. San Diego, California – Global Collaboration in 21st Century Space

They have a call out for talk proposals with Abstracts due 7 Feb 2013 : Int’l Space Dev Conference Call for Proposals

The sessions will include four on solar power from space:


Space‐Based Solar Power

Session 1 Friday a.m.
“Timing, Budget, Economics, and Commercialization of SBSP”  Funding sources/methods, Urgency, pace Amounts needed, how to sustain, Net Present Value, Cost‐of‐ownership, Financing

Session 2 Friday p.m.
“Components, Infrastructure, and Enabling Technology for SBSP”
Rectennae and WPT, Energy conversion Power management, Thermal management Station keeping, structural dynamics On‐orbit assembly, Repair, protection, robustness, safety, Sustainment, end‐of‐life


Session 3 Saturday a.m.
“Motivation, Urgency, Scope, and Collaborations for SBSP”
Baseload power uses, Space settlement Leadership, Innovation, Economics, Environment

Session 4 Saturday p.m.
“Architecture, Pathways to Success, and Obstacles for SBSP”
Orbital configurations, Launch systems SSP architecture, Transition pathways Global initiatives, Resistance/Opposition Politics & Policy