Space policy roundup – Jun.7.2020

A sampling of links to recent space policy, politics, and government (US and international) related space news and resource items that I found of interest (find previous space policy roundups here):

International space


** Michael Listner – Realpolitik and Space Law – Cold Star Project S02E41

Founder & Principal at Space Law & Policy Solutions Michael Listner is on the Cold Star Project. He’s also author and editor of The Precis, a space law quarterly briefing letter. Our subject of discussion is Realpolitik and space law, and I ask Michael about:

– where he finds himself most often with another interpretation, either conceptually or with the letter of the law, with other space lawyers
– what clients are seeking when they approach his firm
– what he believes is at issue regarding the White House’s April 6th Executive Order regarding space resources–Michael called it “posturing for the space resources food fight and a pushback against the [Hauge] Building Blocks”
– the standout issues of space law from his perspective, with regard to commercial operations
– whether international safeguards exist or not to avoid war, as nation states move to use space resources and occupy space locations
– who are some key people Michael follows in the space field.

Space Law & Policy Solutions website:

** The Space Show – Tues. 06/02/2020Dr. Dana Andrews discussed “his new book, Chasing The Dream, aerospace history, technology with X planes, the shuttle, aluminum versus titanium, management decision making at NASA, initial shuttle performance specs, claims and dreams plus more with Musk, SpaceX and the new commercial space industry”.

** Space Café WebTalk Recap: Dr. Raji Rajagopalan On Indian Space Security And The Future Of Indian Space – SpaceWatch.Global

In this week’s Space Cafe Web Talk Dr. Raji Rajagopalan discussed how India’s approach to outer space has changed over the last decade and how it is now driven increasingly by national security concerns.

Dr. Rajagopalan also addressed a range of other significant topics, including India’s controversial ASAT test, her thoughts on space collaboration with other nations, and the growth of private space industry in India, including ISRO’s support of it.

** E18 – Slash the Trash – Incentivizing Deorbit (with Becca Reesman, Mick Gleason, and Dan Oltrogge) – CSPS (Center for Space Policy and Strategy) at The Aerospace Corp

** Webinar | Nurturing National Security Space TechnologiesSpace Force thinking about NASA-style partnerships with private companies –

SpaceNews talked with the colonel leading AFRL’s effort to keep the U.S. military “one step ahead in space” by fostering key enabling technologies.  The Air Force Research Laboratory’s Space Vehicles Directorate in New Mexico is one of 23 space-related organizations set to transfer to the U.S. Space Force under plans unveiled last month.

As the Department of the Air Force’s “Center of Excellence” for space technology R&D, the Space Vehicles Directorate develops, demonstrates and transitions critical technologies for the entire gamut of military space missions, including communications; positioning, navigation and timing, missile warning, space situational awareness, and defensive space control.  Col. Eric Felt, the Air Force officer who leads the Space Vehicles Directorate and its team of 1,000 military, civilian, and on-site contractors, will talk with SpaceNews Staff Writer Sandra Erwin and Editor-in-Chief Brian Berger about the R&D investments the directorate is making to help the U.S. military maintain a technological advantage in the space domain.

** Webinar Replay | Defending the high ground (and rescuing astronauts) –

With the successful launch and docking of NASA and SpaceX’s historic Demo-2 mission, SpaceNews talks with the Space Force brass supporting this and future commercial crew missions. Maj. Gen. John Shaw and Brig. Gen. Doug Schiess join SpaceNews Staff Writer Sandra Erwin and Editor-in-Chief Brian Berger for a broad-based discussion on Space Force operations, including the U.S. military’s role in rescuing astronauts. Shaw and Schiess were joined by the 45th Operations Group’s Detachment 3 commander, Lt. Col. Michael Thompson, to talk about how the military revived and trained for the astronaut-rescue role it has performed since the Apollo era.

** June 5, 2020 Zimmerman/Batchelor podcast | Behind The Black

** June 2, 2020 Zimmerman/Batchelor podcast | Behind The Black



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