Space policy roundup – Feb.7.2020

A sampling of links to recent space policy, politics, and government (US and international) related space news and resource items that I found of interest (find previous space policy roundups here):


** Episode T+146: Loren Grush on Commercial Crew, Starlink, NASA Authorization, and More – Main Engine Cut Off

Loren Grush of The Verge joins me to talk about a whole host of current topics—SpaceX’s in-flight abort test, Starliner’s shaky first test and its fallout, space traffic, Starlink, the NASA Authorization bill, and why ”Space is hard” is the worst mantra.

** The Space Show – Tue, 02/04/2020Robert Zimmerman talked about “returning to the Moon, Congress, Artemis, private sector lunar landers, academic fraud in research and publication and much more”.

** A Great Space Observatory Goes Dark: The Legacy of Spitzer | The Planetary Society

The Spitzer Space Telescope, one of NASA’s four great space observatories, was decommissioned on January 30. Mat Kaplan celebrates its discoveries and legacy with three leaders of the mission in this special extended episode. Mars has a supporting role in the new Star Trek: Picard streaming series. Planetary Society Solar System Specialist Emily Lakdawalla says the Red Planet never looked better! And you’ll have a chance to win a great new book about the Spitzer Space Telescope in this week’s What’s Up space trivia contest.


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