Videos: “Space to Ground” ISS report – Jan.24.2020

Here is the latest episode in NASA’s Space to Ground weekly report on activities related to the International Space Station:

** Christina Koch’s Memorable Moments: Part 1 (Repeat this segment shown last week along now with parts 2 & 3 below)

The longest single spaceflight ever by a female astronaut or cosmonaut is now 306 days long, with more to come. On top of adding to her total spaceflight time, NASA astronaut Christina Koch looks back over her long mission and recalls some favorite moments, including her favorite meal and most memorable view from orbit.

** Christina Koch’s Memorable Moments: Part 2

** Christina Koch’s Memorable Moments: Part 3

** Expedition 61 – Spacewalk EVA 64 animation – Preview of an upcoming spacewalk by astronauts Andrew Morgan and Luca Parmitano to complete repairs and upgrades to the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS), which detects cosmic antimatter particles: Expedition 61 Ready for Saturday Spacewalk During Human Research Today – Space Station/NASA

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Outpost in Orbit:
A Pictorial & Verbal History of the Space Station