Student and amateur CubeSat news roundup – Jan.20.2019

A sampling of recent articles, press releases, etc. about student and amateur CubeSat / SmallSat projects and programs:

** On-Orbit Frequency Change Announced for UWE-4 CubeSat –

The Satellite Technology group at the University of Würzburg has announced a change of frequency for the UWE-4 CubeSat, launched on a December 27 Soyuz flight. The 1U CubeSat carries an electric propulsion experiment and a 70-centimeter 9.6 k AX.25 digipeater.

“After 2 weeks in orbit, UWE-4 is in very good shape,” the group reported. “After the early-orbit phase, we are looking forward to some interesting experiments with the attitude determination sensors and the propulsion system. Unfortunately, our uplink success rate is very poor, which currently prevents these experiments.”

** AMSAT news on student and amateur CubeSat/smallsat projects: ANS-020 AMSAT News Service Special Bulletin

  • Knacksat in Safe Mode: Reports Needed
  • NEXUS Launch Update
  • OrigamiSat-1 Launch Update
  • AMSAT 50th Anniversary Awards Program
  • CubeSat Postdoc Job Opening at University of Arizona
  • CubeSat Training Offered April 23-25, 2019
  • Upcoming Satellite Launches Announced
  • Upcoming Satellite Operations
  • ARISS News
  • Shorts from All Over

General CubeSat/SmallSat info:


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