Space webcasts roundup – Jan.19.2019

A sampling of recent space podcasts and videos:

** Episode T+107: Chris Gebhardt – Main Engine Cut Off – “Chris Gebhardt of NASASpaceflight joins me to talk all things SpaceX: Starship and its upcoming hopper tests, DM-1 and the government shutdown, and more.”

** The Space Show – Mon, 01/14/2019Dr. James Hansen, author of First Man: The Life of Neil A. Armstrong, talked about ” both the new Revised Anniversary Edition of his great book “First Man” but also for his commentary on the 2018 big hit film by the same title”.

** Episode 192: DATA RELAY–Sea Dragon — The Orbital Mechanics Podcast – “Sea Dragon is the airship of rockets. It’s more realistic than you might expect, but there are some “hidden” reasons why it never took over the market.”

** Red Planet Review – Anniversary Episode – WeMartians Podcast

** Everyday Astronaut : “Launching an Entire Saturn V to the Moon (ft. Matt Lowne)”

** Scott Manley: “The Dire Consequences of Astronomy Education by Godlike Super Beings”

** Launch Minute report on recent rocket launches:

** “Gwynne Shotwell, the Woman Who Keeps SpaceX Alive”

** Reverse polarity Sun Spot – Say What? – Space Nuts with Dr. Fred Watson & Andrew Dunkley

** January 15, 2018 Zimmerman/Batchelor podcast | Behind The Black


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