Space access: Stratolaunch high-speed taxi test + ULA Delta 4 Heavy launch + SpaceX update

Stratolaunch is moving closer to getting the company’s giant rocket-carrier aircraft off the ground:

The vehicle will eventually become an air launch platform for a

The Stratolaunch aircraft will provide a high altitude launch platform for a family of rocket vehicles taking payloads and people to orbit.


After several weeks of delays due to technical problems, United Launch Alliance has now set Saturday, Jan. 19th at 11:05 a.m. PST for the launch of a Delta 4 Heavy with the NRO NROL-71 spy satellite:


Scott Manley gives an update on recent SpaceX activities:

The SpaceX news just keeps coming. Friday saw the Launch of Iridium 8 followed by the Layoff of 10% of its workforce. CRS-16 returned home, Crew dragon prep is stalled because of government shutdown. And of course Elon’s silver starship finally gets put together.

The latest on SpaceX’s Falcon 9/Dragon-2 crew transportation systems: SpaceX’s first human crew includes astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley – The Verge

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