Videos: TMRO Orbit 12.02 – “From Rocket Bikes to Starhopper”

The second program of 2019 is now available: From Rocket Bikes to Starhopper – Orbit 12.02 – TMRO

Peter Beck joins us today to chat how Rocket Lab will ramp their launch cadence in 2019, and how it just may have all started with a rocket powered motorbike. We also take bets on when SpaceX’s next generation test rocket, the Starhopper, will fly. When do you think we’ll see it launch?

Other topics covered:

  • SpaceX Starhopper and Crew Dragon Demo Mission-1
  • OSIRIS-Rex mission begins orbiting asteroid Bennu
  • Peter Beck (Rocket Lab CEO) chats Rocket Bikes and Rocket Lab’s 2019 plans


The first show of the year focused on the New Horizons latest accomplishment:

The New Horizons flyby of Ultima Thule is an amazing extension of the spacecrafts original mission — But did you know that almost didn’t happen? Find out how Hubble saved the day thanks to a creative use of director’s discretion.

Topics covered:

  • Ultima Thule Mission
  • China’s Chang’e-4 mission on the far side of the moon
  • LaunchPad Astronomy with Christian Ready – @launchpadastro


TMRO is also beginning a regular series on rocket launches around the world: Launch Minute || January 11 2019


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