Video shorts: A “Glimpse” of future technologies

Here are the first three short films in a series underway at DUST called Glimpse, each offering a view of the impact of a future technology:

** Circuits” 

If you could control all your devices from a tattoo on your arm, would you feel safer? What if that sense of security was an illusion? “Circuits” presents a glimpse into the future of…body modification.

** “The Stork

The birth of a child makes every parent nervous. Technology makes the process safer, but our biological impulse to worry still seeps into the experience – no matter what. “The Stork” is a glimpse into the future of…birth.

** Sebastian Moller” 

What happens when a chef takes his craft from experimental to extreme? What would you pay to savor a food that’s never been tasted before? “Sebastian Moller” is a glimpse into the future of…haute cuisine.


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