Videos: The evolution of the BFR and flying artists around the Moon

A couple of interesting and informative videos about the SpaceX BFR and the lunar fly-by announced on Monday:

** “Why does SpaceX keep changing the BFR?” –  Tim Dodd, the Everyday Astronaut:

Elon Musk updated the world with the plans for SpaceX’s BFR at SpaceX HQ in Hawthorne. I attended to learn about all the new exciting changes! For now, we’re going to just look at what has changed with the vehicle over the years and why it keeps changing. Later we’ll do more in depth videos about Yusaku Maezawa’s beautiful #dearmoon project and the weird reentry system of the new BFR!

*** Sending Artists To The Moon With SpaceX – Scott Manley

SpaceX’s press event to announce a paying passenger on a flight around the moon took an amazing turn when Japanese Billionaire Yusaku Maezawa declared that he wanted the trip to be all about Art.