An overview of technologies and designs for Building on Mars: The Construction Industry Space Race:


This March in Dublin, Niamh Shaw, “one of Ireland’s leading science communicators”, will present her theater work about a Mars base: Diary of a Martian Beekeeper – Niamh Shaw – Mar 2018

It’s now 2036.

Niamh is on Mars and a member of Crew 173, on a long duration mission to investigate new ways of growing food in this arid foreign land. As their 2 year mission comes to an end, one crucial experiment remains for Niamh. But will she overcome her personal struggles or put the whole crew and the mission in danger?

A highly visual exploration of future interplanetary human exploration, Shaw and her creative team create a new world order, reminding us of the power of the collective, the fragility of the solitary human and the united will behind all major breakthroughs. Because we may one day leave the cradle of Earth, but we will always be human.

The show about Niamh’s dream to go to Space has been inspired by Elon Musk’s grand design for a future interplanetary civilisation, testimonies of ESA employees, and Niamh’s personal space journey.

Created by Niamh Shaw & Sarah Baxter in collaboration with CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory, ESERO Ireland, European Space Agency & ESA Astronaut Centre. Funded by Science Foundation Ireland Discover Programme 2017.


Check out this marvelous panorama taken by the Curiosity rover as it takes a break from the trek up Mount Sharp and looks back from “Vera Rubin Ridge” at the route it has taken since landing in Gale Crater in August of 2012: