EarthKAM captures the Grand Canyon

EarthKAM is a camera aboard the International Space Station that is controlled by middle-school students participating in the Sally Ride Earth Knowledge Acquired by Middle School Students (i.e. Sally Ride EarthKAM) program. Students recently took this terrific image of the Grand Canyon:

Space Station’s EarthKAM Sees the Grand Canyon

View of the Grand Canyon with EarthKAM [Large image.]
On April 3, 2017, the student-controlled EarthKAM camera aboard the International Space Station captured this photograph of a favorite target — the Grand Canyon — from low Earth orbit. The camera has been aboard the orbiting outpost since the first space station expedition began in November 2000 and supports approximately four missions annually. Mission 58 begins in fall 2017, and interested middle school students and teachers can sign up at the EarthKAM website.

The Sally Ride Earth Knowledge Acquired by Middle School Students (Sally Ride EarthKAM) program provides a unique educational opportunity for thousands of students multiple times a year. EarthKAM is an international award-winning education program, allowing students to photograph and analyze our planet from the perspective of the International Space Station. Using the Internet, students control a special digital camera on the orbiting laboratory to photograph Earth’s coastlines, mountain ranges and other interesting geographical topography.

Image Credit: Sally Ride EarthKAM

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