Sci-Tech videos: Tesla self-driving demo + Urban Aero VTOL + Volocopter

Some interesting technology videos:

** Demonstration of a fully autonomous self-driving Tesla: All Tesla Cars Being Produced Now Have Full Self-Driving Hardware | Tesla

** Urban Aero‘s Cormorant/AirMule vertical-take off and landing (VTOL) ducted fan autonomous vehicle is large enough to transport cargo and one or two persons. I’ve posted here several times over the years about Israeli-based Urban Aero and they appear close to a commercial vehicle. This video starts with an animation but at 1:22 there is footage of a working full-scale prototype flying quickly across the sky:

** The German electric Volocopter has flown a person on a low altitude demo flight. It is now being tested extensively in unmanned mode:

During the test flight program, the Volocopter demonstrated various dynamic flight maneuvers at higher speeds for the first time.

These test flights did not only serve as a presentation of possible flight dynamics. The actual goal was to gain important knowledge in order to optimize the current developments of the new prototype for serial production. This included determining the VC200’s power requirements during different flight maneuvers and at different speed levels.  In order to evaluate the limits of flight behavior, the positioning and height automation, as well as the flight maneuver limits were deactivated during some tests.