‘Mars Atlas’ released with one year of India’s Mars Orbiter images

India’s Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) spacecraft went into orbit around the Red Planet on Sept. 14, 2014. To celebrate its first year of operation, the Indian space agency ISRO has released an atlas of images (pdf) taken by the orbiter: Celebrating one year of Mars Orbiter Mission in Orbit; Release of Mars Atlas – ISRO

Mars Orbiter spacecraft marks one year of its life around the red planet today. After successfully completing one year of the mission life around Mars, now a large data set has been acquired by all five payloads of MOM. On this occasion Space Applications Centre, (ISRO), Ahmedabad has brought out a Mar Atlas which contains a compilation of images acquired by Mars Colour Camera (MCC) and results obtained by other payload results in a form of scientific atlas.

Cover of Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) Mars Atlas

An example of the images in the Mars Atlas:

Image of a part of Valles Marineris region was taken by Mars Colour Camera (MCC) on 23-04-2015 at a spatial resolution of 35 m from an altitude of 675 km. Layer deposits and erosion caused by flooding marked by (1) and landslides through the steep slopes marked by (2) are seen in this image.