The Zero Gravity Cocktail Glass Project

The Cosmic Lifestyle Corp, founded by long-time space advocate Samuel Coniglio and others, has opened a crowd-funding campaign for the Zero Gravity Cocktail Project on Kickstarter, which aims to design and manufacture a stylish container to hold a drink in weightlessness:

Award Winning Robotics Engineer Launches Cocktail Glass for Space

What happens when you combine an an award-winning mixologist, Hollywood prop fabricator and movie magic maker, and a space tourism designer with an award winning robotics engineer? Creative genius at it’s best.

Nick Donaldson, Chief Creative Officer and cofounder of Cosmic Lifestyle Corporation, is the secret sauce behind the Zero Gravity Cocktail Glass Project currently on Kickstarter. Launched March 3, the eclectic and impressive team is designing for the future of space travel and tourism.

“Designing and engineering the elements needed for items going to space is more interestingly challenging than one might think. Many conversations and experiments over the course of several years have happened to achieve the glass design we have. As we continue experimenting with the physics and design attributes, we are excited to see what will happen next,” Nick says.

“This is only the beginning of a new era where astronauts will have more comfortable surroundings available with solutions like ours. Cosmic Lifestyle Corporation seeks to be a leader in these opportunities.”

In an attempt to bridge the gap between the space tourism vision and mainstream reality, the team at Cosmic Lifestyle Corporation created a fun, usable object to show that space tourism is not an abstract concept, but a stepping stone for improving the way people live, work, and play beyond planet Earth. This project is supported by the Space Tourism Society and Space Frontier Foundation. Space Frontier Foundation is offering a free membership to those who donate $25 or more to the Kickstarter campaign.

Support the Kickstarter!
Cosmic Lifestyle Corporation has launched their Zero Gravity Cocktail Glass Project Kickstarter campaign March 3. Funds will go towards drop testing, patent filing and a parabolic flight to test different liquids. Help them reach their fundraising goal, by donating at


The creative team behind the invention consists of celebrity bartender and mixologist, Russell Davis, who was rated #1 Bartender in the U.S. in 2012, was “Nightclub & Bar Magazine’s” Bartender of the Year in 2012, and starred in SpikeTV’s “Bar Rescue” TV series; Samuel Coniglio, the cofounder of Cosmic Lifestyle Corporation, is a futurist, an artist & experience designer and space tourism expert. Brent Heyning, also a cofounder, is a former “Mr. Wizard” Hollywood prop & set designer and fabricator, who now serves as the Principal and Chief Designer of Toyshoppe Systems; Nick Donaldson, a toy designer and robot engineer, has been designing and building robots for 15 years, from advanced research robots to successful toys and medal winning competition robots.

The Cosmic Lifestyle Corporation is a boutique concept, design, and branding company that develops stylish products for offworld use while connecting Earth brands to space.

For more information about the Zero Gravity Cocktail Project, visit:

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