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Rainn Wilson and Peter Diamandis to have Cosmic Debate in Google hangout

Here’s a message from Peter Diamandis and Planetary Resources:

Actor Rainn Wilson (aka Dwight Schrute from The Office) and Peter Diamandis (aka “me”) will square off on a COSMIC DEBATE:

TopicTo Search for Alien Planets or Not…

Rainn’s point of view: This is very dangerous business – If we find them, will they come and attack us?
Peter’s point of view: An Abundance of resources and opportunity awaits!

JOIN US!  This will be FUN & very educational.

When:   Tuesday, June 25th, 1:30pm PT
Where: — Google Hangout, follow our G+ for the live YouTube link just before Tues, 1:30pm PT.

In addition to the Alien Planet debate… Rainn & Peter will discuss:

  • Pros/Cons of moving to an asteroid
  • Precautions to take before giving Rainn control of the ARKYD Space Telescope
  • Rainn’s plans for cosmic domination
Join us… this will be an important viewing for any Earthling.

Best wishes,
Peter H. Diamandis
Co-Founder, Co-Chairman, Planetary Resources
Advocate for Alien Planet Research

Arecibo takes radar snapshots of asteroid 1998 QE2

Alan Boyle reports on radar images made by the Arecibo Radio Observatory of the 1998 QE2  asteroid and its moon during their recent pass by of earth: Asteroid 1998 QE2 gets a close look from the world’s widest radio dish – Cosmic Log

More at


FISO: Known NEOS in earthlike orbits and their accessibility for exploration

The latest presentation to the Future In-Space Operations (FISO) study group is now posted in the FISO Working Group Presentations Archive. Both slides (pdf) and audio (mp3) are available for the talk, Known NEOs In Earthlike Orbits And Their Accessibility For Exploration, Dan Adamo, Independent Astrodynamics Consultant – June 12, 2013