Sci-Tech: Hyperloop Tech developing high-speed ‘cargoloop’

Last fall a virtual company called Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) began designing an implementation of Elon Musk’s Hyperloop concept for super-fast mass transportation. HTT, currently funded through (JumpStartFund), expects to become a public company soon:  The Crowdsourced Company Building Elon’s Hyperloop Is Going Public – WIRED.

Meanwhile, another company called Hyperloop Technologies Inc. has formed and is backed by “a formidable lineup of Silicon Valley and Washington superstars” according to Forbes: Hyperloop Is Real: Meet The Startups Selling Supersonic Travel – Forbes.

They are taking a different approach to the hyperloop:

Even more surprising than the platinum-plated roster: Hyperloop Tech’s initial mission. They intend to go way beyond Musk’s original vision and focus first on freight rather than human transportation. This high-speed “cargoloop” could go over land or under water. Imagine submerged skeins of steel tubes crisscrossing the ocean or up and down the coasts hurtling shipping containers at near supersonic speeds. Need iPhones? Press a button and a container-load is on its way from Shenzhen overnight