LEGO Hubble Telescope model misses selection for commercial production

Last summer I wrote about a LEGO scratch model of the Hubble Telescope, which could become an official production model by LEGO if it was popular enough. (See The Hubble observatory in LEGO.)  LEGO allows LEGO modelers to post about their creations on the LEGO Ideas site. Visitors can vote on the models they like best. Those models that exceed 10,000 votes will be considered for commercial production.

Gabriel Russo posted his impressive Hubble Telescope model at the LEGO Ideas site last year:


It received the 10000 votes but Robert Pearlman reports that it was nevertheless not selected by LEGO : LEGO passes on fan-voted Hubble Space Telescope model – collectSPACE

LEGO on Wednesday (Feb. 4) revealed the outcome of its most recent review of fan-suggested model kits submitted through its LEGO Ideas website. The Danish toy company passed on making the Hubble telescope, selecting a Pixar animator’s WALL-E robot and a “Doctor Who” set instead.

“We reviewed eight amazing projects that reached 10,000 supporters between June and September,” Signe Lonholdt with the LEGO Ideas team said in a video announcing the results of the evaluation. “Reaching 10,000 supporters is a tremendous accomplishment, but the journey [for the sets] is far from over.”

Here were two previous posts about the HST model: