Help send the Garden of ETON to space

Back in December I posted about the DreamUP! program created by NanoRacks and FISE ( Foundation for International Space Education), which aims to send STEM projects to the International Space Station.

Chicks in Space is the first team attempting to raise the $15k needed to get an experiment to the station:

Chicks in Space is a group of high school girls who hope to advance space science. We have grown up working on NASA challenges and have had the opportunity to participate in the Conrad Spirit of Innovation – a program aimed at development of innovative ideas. We have created the Garden of ETON – or Extra Terrestrial Organic Nutrition.

This is a hydroponic garden developed to function under conditions of microgravity. It has always been our dream to have an experiment on NASA’s International Space Station. We hope to be able to have the opportunity to launch a reconfigured Garden of ETON – NanoETON – on NanoRacks LLC on NASA’s International Space Station. NanRacks LLC is a company that helps projects like ours get through NASA’s safety and review processes.

When we are not working on space related projects we enjoy golfing and hanging out with our family.

 They have raised about a third of the funding needed to Send the Garden of ETON to Space.

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