Part 5: Photometry tutorial for amateur and pro astronomers

Rick Boozer on his Astro Maven blog has posted the fifth and final installment of Photometry with AIP4WIN: a Tutorial, which is aimed at astronomers both amateur and professional:

From Part 1:

The science of photometry can be used by both amateur astronomers and professionals for some very advanced scientific work.  You can detect the light changes caused by eclipsing binary stars, plot the changes in luminosity of a variable star and even detect an exoplanet orbiting another star.  This tutorial will be your step-by-step guide on how to employ the powerful Magnitude Measurement Tool that comes with the renowned astronomical imaging software known as AIP4WIN by Richard Berry and Robert Burnell.  Special thanks to Mr. Berry for giving me permission to include screen images and extensive operating details from AIP4WIN.

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    This tutorial is very well done. I’d be willing to know more about the work of Mr Boozer as an astrophysicist, but I can’t find any of his publications in the Astrophysics Data System (ADS). Can you point me to them ? Thanks in advance.

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