The Space Show this week

Here is the line up for The Space Show this week:

1. Monday, March 4, 2013: 2-3:30 PM PST (5-6:30 PM EST, 4-5:30 PM CST): We welcome the return of HENRY VANDERBILT to discuss the upcoming Space Access Conference, commercial and NewSpace.

2. Tuesday, March 5, 2013, 7-8:30 PM PST (10-11:30 PM EST, 9-10:30 PM CST): We welcome the return of DR. HENRY HERTZFELD, Professor at GWU and the Space Policy Institute. Dr. Hertzfeld will be talking about commercial space and more.

3. Thursday, March 7, 2013:, 9:30-10:30 AM PST (12:30-1:30 PM EST. We welcome YONATON WINETRAUB, Founder and CTO of SpaceIL. Visit their website for more information:

4. Friday, March 8, 2013, 9:30-11 AM PST (12:30-2 PM EST, 11:30AM-1PM CST): We welcome back DR. RYAN KOBRICK to discuss this year’s Yuri’s Night.

[ Update: These two entries got truncated accidentally:

5. The Friday, March 8, 2013 program from 12-1PM PST, (3-4 PM EST): We welcome back DR. NEIL deGRASSE TYSON to discuss his book “Space Chronicles” now released in paperback.

6. The Sunday, March 10, 2013 program from 9:30-11 AM PDT, (12:30-2 PM EDT): We welcome JOHN OEHLER to discuss his book “Aphrodesia: A novel of Suspense” and the role of smell and its relationship to space. For more information, visit his website,


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