Sci-Tech: Hyperloop fast transit system – latest update

Elon Musk introduced his Hyperloop super-fast mass transit concept in August of 2013. He has too much on his plate (i.e. SpaceX, Tesla Motors, and Solar City) to pursue the idea himself and instead has encouraged others to try to make it happen.

In September of 2013 came word that a Hyperloop company had been formed to try to develop a hyperloop system. The company is a virtual one based at the JumpStartFund with over 100 engineers who work part time on developing real-world build-able design. Here are a couple of reports on their progress so far:

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A student team at UCLA has contributed a lot of work on the concept as well. The 25 students work at SUPRASTUDIO under Prof. Craig Hodgetts. Here’s a video about their work:

And here’s an article about their project: Hyperloop: UCLA graduate students explore feasibility of high-speed tube transportation system – Daily Breeze.

Most of the 25 students are from China, where large urban populations make the Hyperloop and other high-speed rail attractive alternatives to cars and planes. Only two Americans are enrolled in the program.


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