Video: ‘Are you living in a simulation’ – SETI Institute seminar

Prof. Silas Beane (Univ. of Washington) gives a SETI Institute seminar on the question, Are you living in a simulation?


From the caption:

Philosophers have long considered the possibility that we live in an artificial or simulated reality. Dr. Beane gives a short overview of some of the simulation arguments/scenarios that he personally finds most compelling.

Dr. Beane then attempts to frame the simulation argument in the context of science. In particular, discusses recent work which suggests various observational tests of the hypothesis that we are currently living in a simulated universe. These include studies of the cosmic microwave background, high-energy cosmic rays, and high-precision terrestrial experiments.

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  1. There is a continuous status readout of our simulation status hidden in a crevasse in the mountains of Georgia (the one in Asia).

    Anyone who knows the reference? 🙂

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