University group in India launches its own sounding rockets

A group in the Aerospace Engineering department at the International Indian University in Navi Mumbai, India has established a sounding rocket program that has achieved altitudes of 4.5 km, 10 km, and 40 km with their rockets. I’m told by Rajesh Muneshwar, head of the department, that their rockets are powered by a sugar based solid fuel. He also says the public demonstrations of the launches “are thrilling, motivating and attracting more students to develop ROCKETS”.

Here’s a report on their rocket projects: India’s First Private Rocket Construction and Launch Initiatives for Space Education – Sept.9.2014 (pdf).

The 4.5 km is rescheduled to launch on 27 September 2014. Also in the coming months the team will have two rocket launch done with altitudes attaining 10 kms and 100 kms with a 500 gms of payload. These two tests in next month’s will be formally offered for all the young space researchers.

These are among the first Indian high altitude rockets developed outside of government programs.

Here are a couple photos:

Rocket in Sangli

IIU Rocket Team