Going to space in a caravan

Here’s an interesting report about a “bunch of guys [who built] a starship simulator in a caravan” (i.e. a “trailer” in US/Canada) : The DIY Spaceship Simulator That’s More Immersive Than Virtual Reality – Motherboard

While virtual reality games are often called “immersive,” this experience showed that the most captivating experiences don’t have to involve wearing goggles. I was inside the LHS Bikeshed spaceship simulator, a DIY, sci-fi styled caravan that takes immersive gaming to the next level.

Unlike VR, the game delivers its real kicks through off-screen elements. When the ship shakes, the whole caravan actually physically shakes. When you have to plug in an emergency cable to save the ship, you have to actually, physically get up and plug the right cable into the right port. It’s not virtual reality, it’s real-life reality—and that’s what made it the best space simulator I’ve ever set foot in.

Find a history of the project at LHS BIKESHED.