Sci-Tech: Malloy Aeronautics hoverbike project lifts off with 1/3 scale drone

The company Malloy Aeronautics has designed a one-person ducted-fan vehicle, i.e a hoverbike, and hopes to pay for its development with sales of a 1/3 scale-model drone version. They have more than doubled their £30,000 goal in a Kickstarter campaign to cover marketing the drone : Hoverbike by Chris Malloy — Kickstarter

The objective of this campaign is to kick-start sales of our beautiful 1/3rd scale Hoverbike drone and accessories via your pledges, and to help create a long term income stream that we can use to continue development of the manned Hoverbike. 

Here is their Kickstarter video:

More about the project: Watch A Robot Ride A Hovercycle – Popular Science –