Space elevator conference

The ISEC 2014 Space Elevator Conference has been underway this weekend at the Museum of Flight in Seattle, Washington. Several of the presentations are described in the The Space Elevator Blog. For example:

  • Loop Technology –  “Keith [Loftstrom] posited a Ground station 8 degrees south of the equator, claiming that a) this would allow the tether to be ’tilted’ allowing things to be oriented off of the tether, b) it keeps the tether out of the way of things in orbit around the equator and c) that if the tether breaks, the mass above the break will be flung out into space along the imaginary equator line, thus missing other tethers that may be constructed.”
  • The Space Elevator in the Earth’s Atmosphere – “Dr. John Knapman give a presentation on how we deal with the Tether and the Climber within earth’s atmosphere.  Even though the distance of this portion of the trip is tiny compared to the total trip (~50km vs 100,000km), there are many “special” hazards which must be dealt with.  This consists of weather; wind, rain and lightning.”
  • 2014 ISEC Space Elevator Conference – Day 2  – ” [Dr. Bryan Laubscher] gave us an update on [Odysseus Technologies Inc]’s continuing efforts to build longer, stronger nanotubes.  He discussed the patents that OTI has made, both in terms of taking existing ‘forests’ of nanotubes, drawing off threads and strengthening those threads and also in growing stronger nanotubes themselves.  His presentation elicited many questions and a whole lot of discussion. “

Space reporter Leonard David is also at the meeting: What’s Up with Space Elevators? –